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Defining the Business

TeeBee Aviation founder Trevor Blackmer has been a business aviation professional for over 22 years.  Having  spent nearly 20 of those years with a major business and general aviation aircraft manufacturer, Blackmer wanted to apply his industry knowledge and passion for flying to a new venture focused on helping solve some of the most common barriers and challenges business and general aviation owners and operators face.

Defining the Problem

After working with 100's of business aviation pilots, owners and operators as well as many others who chose to delay their investment in a business or general aviation aircraft, the following have been identified are some of the most common deterrents to aircraft ownership:

  • Cost of acquisition

  • Cost of ownership

  • Difficulty finding and retaining high-quality, experienced pilots

  • Insurance requirements for owner pilots

  • Inability to easily scale an aircraft investment to an operator's changing business needs.

  • Under utilization of a whole aircraft purchase

  • Relatively high cost per hour of typical fractional aircraft programs

  • Devaluation of an aircraft investment over the typical term of ownership

  • High cost of continued airworthiness when making a used aircraft purchase

  • Investing in the wrong upgrades and modifications in a pre-owned aircraft.

  • Not fully understanding the costs of aircraft ownership and making a purchase decision based purely upon initial acquisition cost.


The TeeBee Shares Co-ownership program and the associated services provided by TeeBee Aviation was conceptualized to help address these barriers to affordable private aircraft ownership.

Creating a Solution

Blackmer called upon his operational experience as a demonstration pilot, chief pilot and flight instructor, his new aircraft development experience as a product manager and his sales experience working with numerous operators to purchase new and pre-owned aircraft to develop the TeeBee Shares co-ownership program.

The program objectives are to:

  • Minimize the cost of aircraft acquisition

  • Minimize the fixed costs of ownership

  • Remove the challenges of crew recruitment and training by providing client-focused, highly skilled pilots.

  • Enable owner-pilots to advance their skills and operate aircraft their insurance companies would otherwise make cost-prohibitive  

  • Maximize aircraft availability by placing multiple aircraft into carefully vetted markets

  • Minimize aircraft depreciation through deliberate selection of specific aircraft models and value-added modifications.

Since the specification and acquisition of an aircraft is a relatively small portion of both the time and resources required to own and operate an aircraft, the 

 Combining his operational experience as a pilot, his new product development experience with  as a flight instructor, professional demonstration pilot, and chief pilot have given him unique insight into the best operational practices and standards, how to recruit and train the best flightcrew members , product marketing manager and new aircraft sales person for Beechcraft

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