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  • Should I charter or co-own an aircraft?
    If you will use a business aircraft 25 or fewer hours per year, you should charter. TeeBee Aviation offers 25-hour jet cards and an aircraft dedicated for this purpose. If you will use a business aircraft 50 hours or more, you should consider co-ownership. Co-ownership offers the benefit of depreciation for your business usage percentage of the aircraft. Using a section 179 deduction, a co-owner can depreicate the entire purchase price of a 40-day share the year they purchase it. Each co-owner's share is treated as its own assett, so you and the other co-owners do not intertwine your tax situations.
  • What if another co-owner is using the aircraft on the day that I want to fly it?
    What makes the TeeBee Shares program unique is that it uses a large network of co-owned and wholely owned aircraft in your local geographic area to trade time through interchange agreements when necessary. This greatly improves availability for all co-owners. In general, you will have twice as much availability as the percentage of aircraft you own. Owners of The 180 are guaranteed availability and owners of The 360 can even book multiple aircraft on the same day. Scheduling is typically handled on a first-come-first-served basis, so advanced planning also helps assure your trip is covered.
  • Why did TeeBee Aviation select the Beechjet 400A for its co-ownership program?
    The primary goal of the TeeBee Shares program is to provide the highest quality product and service for the dollars being invested. The Beechjet 400A is an extremely robust, well-supported aircraft that offers speed, efficiency and most importantly an outstanding passenger experience. The mutitude of modifications now available for the Beechjet improve upon its performance, safety, payload, range and cabin, truely creating a better-than-new product with the TeeBee Shares Beechjet 400E or 400XPR. By purchasing a pre-owned aircraft, co-owners' investments are better protected as there will be relatively little airframe deprecition that occurs in the future.
  • What is the difference between co-ownership and fractional programs?
    TeeBee Shares aircraft are based where their owners are based. Co-owners fly on the aircraft they actually own 90% of the time. Their aircraft are stocked with their favorite snacks and beverages, blankets and pillows. They are flown by pilots they know well and even have the opportunity to fly the aircraft themselves if they are appropriately rated. Co-ownership provides the most affordable ownership structure available, costing less than half of what most fractional programs will cost their share owners on an annual or hourly basis.
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