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Try Before You Buy

TeeBee CLUB offers 25-hour Blocks of dry lease time.  

$2,950 / month allows TeeBee CLUB members have access to an entire fleet of aircraft.  There are no long-term commitments or blackout dates.  Simply schedule any available aircraft and either provide your own pilots or subscribe to TeeBee Aviation's monthly crew services plan.  If you decide to move forward with the purchase of a share, any unused hours may be applied to that purchase. 

Call 1-TEE-BEE-JETS today for more information.

Flat-rate Positioning for the Beechjet 400E

Each RED concentric circle represents 60 minutes of round-trip position time to and from Winston-Salem, NC.  So a charter flight that departs from and arrives back into Knoxville, TN will be charged 1:15 of position time plus the time consumed for the live leg of the charter flight.

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