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Aircraft selection, acquistion and modification optimized for a Buyer's specific needs.

Economical disposition of a Seller's existing aircraft.

An aircraft acquisition is a significant investment of capital whether made by an individual or a corporation. Many novice buyers identify the aircraft they believe they need based upon some top-level marketing data and then proceed to go make an offer on the lowest priced example of that model they can find.  However the true cost of owning an aircraft includes not only its acquisition but also its fixed costs, maintenance, potential modification, hourly consumption and future value at the time of disposition. The typical airports used, distances flown, passenger loads carried and frequency of trips all play into the equation when determining the most appropriate aircraft for the job.

Although TeeBee Aviation founder Trevor Blackmer has many years of new and pre-owned aircraft sales experience, his 22 years of aircraft demonstration and worldwide operational experience are what distinguish him from most other brokers and sales consultants. As a current aircraft owner, pilot and operator, Blackmer can draw upon first-hand experience when advising TeeBee Aviation clients, helping them to make the most informed purchase decision possible based not only on the features and benefits a particular model offers, but also upon realistic insight into its future day-to-day operation.

Being a full-service provider, TeeBee Aviation can also assist new aircraft owners with all aspects of setting up their flight operation to include hangar rental or construction, maintenance oversight and pilot hiring/training.

Buyers who purchase an aircraft listed by TeeBee Aviation or select TeeBee Aviation to advise and/or represent them through the purchase process receive their sales listing for half price should they also have an aircraft to dispose of!


Call TeeBee Aviation today to discuss your current and future aircraft needs.




2011 Beechcraft King Air B200


Beechcraft King Air B200-v10
Beechcraft King Air B200-v9
Beechcraft King Air B200-v8
Beechcraft King Air B200-v7
Beechcraft King Air B200-v6
Beechcraft King Air B200-v5
Beechcraft King Air B200-v2
Beechcraft King Air B200-v1
Beechcraft King Air B200-v3
Beechcraft King Air B200-v4
2011 King Air B200
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