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TeeBee Services pilots' primary focus is the safe and professional operation of your aircraft. Specializing in Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker products, we can supply a PIC or SIC qualified pilot for either daily or long-term contract pilot services. Model qualifications include: Hawker 125 series, Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP, Premier-1, Cessna CJ 525 series, Cessna Citation 680 series, Beechcraft 1900 Airliner, King Air 350, King Air 200/250 (including Heavy Weight versions), King Air C90B-GTx, Baron and Bonanza (all models).

Pilot Services

Mid-size Jet

$1,200 / day


$20,000 / month

Light Jet

$950 / day


$18,000 / month

Piston Aircraft Captain /
Turbine SIC

$550 / day


$9,000 / month

The fine print:

  • Any PIC-qualified pilot contracted will have attended simulator training within the previous 12 months and will be current per CFR 61.56-61.58 unless otherwise noted or required by an operator.

  • Daily rates are based upon a pilot's qualifications and not their duty assignment on a particular flight.

    • Beechjet 40-day Share owners pay $1,350 / day even if supplied with two captain-qualified pilots

    • Crew services are included in the monthly fee charged to 80-day and larger Beechjet share owners

  • Daily rates for pilots to "travel" or "standby" are billed at the same rate as flight days.

  • Pilot per-diem is included in the daily rate, however airline travel costs and overnights are billed in addition

  • Flat-rate overnight fee of $300/pilot/required-rest-period away from a pilot's home base shall apply in most cases

  • Pilot duty days are limited to a maximum of 14 hours between rest periods.

  • Required rest periods must be a minimum of 10 hours long.

  • Pilots may fly a maximum of 6 days out of any rolling 7 days.

  • International pilot services (any flight with a landing in any country other than the US, Canada or the Bahamas) are billed at the above daily rates +$200

  • All captains hold an ATP and all SIC's hold at minimum a Commercial-Instrument with appropriate ratings.

  • Most pilots hold CFI/CFII/MEI.  If the pilot must be an Authorized Flight Instructor to conduct a particular flight, an additional  $100 will be added to the above daily rates.


$850 / day


$16,000 / month

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