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It is extremely important for an aircraft buyer to match their typical flight mission to the capabilities and economics of the aircraft they acquire.  The purchase price of an aircraft is a very small component of the total cost of ownership and what an operator will actually spend on an average hour of flight.  TeeBee Aviation not only has extensive experience buying, selling and operating both new and pre-owned aircraft directly, we also have a vast number of industry partners to afford our clients the greatest ability to ensure adequate options are presented and allow them to make an informed purchase decision.  This assures them not only favorable pricing but more importantly the best possible package of products and services to meet their travel needs while staying within their established budget.

If a broker or consultant implies they'll negotiate a lower purchase price than you could on your own, beware. As your consultant, TeeBee Aviation will certainly ensure you do not overpay for the aircraft, modifications and related services you purchase.  More importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to help ensure you do not make a costly mistake by purchasing the wrong product or service.  We evaluate all aspects of the acquisition,  by evaluating not only the upfront costs, but also the future market value when it comes time to trade or sell your aircraft.

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